Email has been proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools in driving online sales. It is imperative to integrate email marketing efforts within the context of an overall customer strategy that interacts with a customer how and when that customer prefers.

Effectively managing a customer’s experience, an individual’s total interactions with a brand, requires tailoring email campaign content based on an individual’s needs. Understanding customer needs drives insight into why the customer buys, not just what they buy. In this way, email marketing campaigns act not only as sales tools, but as building blocks for long lasting relationships with greater profits.

VITECH IT Solutions can help you:

  • Analyze & optimize your current email efforts
  • Outline list growth strategies
  • Create an email marketing calendar for general broadcast email campaigns
  • Create a segmentation strategy to outline specific list segments based on past buying behavior
  • Identify special triggered emails based on customer behavior
  • Review and optimize current transactional emails
  • List Maintenance
  • Create and deploy your email campaigns
  • Create and Review the Email Report on a weekly basis and continually optimize program based on findings